In this international workshop on Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroimaging (MLCN) we bring together top researchers in machine learning, neuroscience and tech-savvy clinicians to address two main challenges: i) development of methodological approaches for analyzing complex neuroimaging data and ii) filling the translational gap in applying existing machine learning methods in clinical practice. You can find the MLCN proceedings of the last years here and some of the recordings on our youtube channel.

This year’s workshop will be hybrid, thus you can participate in Vancouver or from home. Please follow us on twitter and check out our submission & registration if you like to submit a paper or attend the workshop.

If you are from a middle- or low-income country and lack the means to attend our workshop online, we have some funds available for financial assistance.

We are looking forward to seeing you @ this year’s workshop!


i) University of Tübingen’s Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science” - 3000 Euros

ii) University of Pennsylvania’s AI2D - 1500 USD

iii) Donders Institute - 500 Euros

Contact us if you are intrested in sponsoring our event.